Monday, March 14, 2011

Chromag Bikes- Bear Rider

Chromag Bikes is a Whistler B.C. based manufacturer of high end mountain bike frames and components. I was recently inquiring about some parts for a new bike I'm building and ended up talking with Ian Ritz, the owner. He saw some of my work and thought I might be able to bring an idea of his to life and this graphic is the result.

Chromag Bikes Bear Rider Graphic - Nigel Quarless

Chromag Bear Rider Detail Nigel Quarless

I did the graphic based on Ian's idea and then worked his existing branding in to ground the image. This version has been printed on 24"x36" posters and a simpler 2 colour variant of it using halftones for the shading was screen printed on T-shirts.

I've been a lifelong mountain biker and it was great to have my obsessions of art and biking come together like this. Ian was great to work with and it was a fun project all around.


  1. super cool man! Love the linework on this one.
    I owe you an email too....just been a bit nutty here :) As usual!

  2. Love it man - Pocahontas tames the Grizz!
    Chromag Bikes is Rad Core!

  3. I'm sure I've dropped by before and told you how freaking awesome your work is, but in case I didn't... freaking awesome. This piece is great too - lighting, color scheme - very controlled and expertly handled.

  4. that is sweet.

    how can I contact you? can you email me