Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Here’s a new personal piece that I’ve been working on sporadically over the last few months. I started it way back in June and although I initially put it down, after getting swamped with work and life it ended up being my go-to piece for the shorts breaks I’ve had in between projects when I was too burned out or uninspired to start something new.

Although I kept the working title of Isis, it’s not too firmly based in Egyptian mythology. The figure takes some inspiration from the classic depiction of Isis but from there I mixed up the symbolism a bit and tried to evoke a visceral sense of the cycle of life, death and rebirth.




  1. Nigel! Man- this is one of your best---I love everything about this. The colors, design elements, the vertical format....TRIUMPH!
    Hope the family life has been well and you've been getting sleep :) We'll catch up soon sir!

  2. Hey man, thanks for the kind words on the GA blog.

    Man, I love this piece. Gorgeous design and colour-I love the integration of the skull and tree root patterns in this piece. Egyptian mythology seems really really interesting, I would love to read the book of the dead one day. Have you heard of Graham Hancock? I think a lot of mythical ideas sprang from egypt and india (i'm working on a piece now thats influenced by some hindu ideas I stumbled on)

  3. solid piece! great balance within the whole piece.

  4. Hey Scott! Glad you think so and thanks for the kind words! Yes, family life is well but pretty busy. I'm looking forwatd to catching up!

    Rodrigo! Hey, you're very welcome, I love your work! Yeah, I'm really fascinated by myth and comparative mythology. I'm going to be focusing my inspiration more towards mythical themes and this piece is a bit of a transition towards a new body of work. Anyway, it really means a lot that you like the piece, thanks!

    Ezra - Cheers, man. Thanks for visiting the blog and I'm glad you like the piece!

  5. Great piece Nigel, Love the symmetry specially the blood flowing out of the skull. Masteful!

  6. Seriously good brother! Great comp and colours.

  7. Thanks guys...

    Francisco - you're too kind, thanks very much. I don't know about masterful, though... ha ha.

    Ridd! Great to hear from you, man...it's been a long time. Hope you are well and things are all good...we've gotta catch up one of these days...

  8. I love this piece. A very beautiful and attractive woman. She is very enigmatic and regal looking.

  9. This is amazing. It actually makes me think more of Nephthys, the sister of Isis. Is this available in print?

  10. Thanks, really glad you like the image. I like that you saw her more as Nephthys. I like for people to draw their own symbolism from my work.

    I am planning on a limited print run of this and they'll be available through my blog.