Thursday, January 21, 2016

Red Moon Rising

A cover for Red Moon Rising, a new middle grade cover coming out from Simon & Schuster. It was so cool to have the chance to get into the epic Sci-Fi Western inspired world that author K.A. Holt has created. The Art Director really wanted to capture how bad ass the main character Rae is and to show her rugged, frontier world on a far away space colony. Of course it needed to showcase the huge, blood red moon that inspires the book's title as well.

This was a breakthrough project for me... Not only because I had the chance to work in the Sci-Fi genre, but also because of the scope of the image - the character, horse, environment and bold colour scheme. It was a fantastic opportunity and a really, really rewarding project.

Pyramid Hunters: The Iron Tomb

Here's a cover for "Pyramid Hunters: The Iron Tomb" by Peter Vegas.  I grew up a huge, huge fan of Indiana Jones - and the movies piqued an interest in archeology that would continue to this day. Although I never did become the heroic archeologist/adventurer I wanted to as a kid... becoming an illustrator is a close second - and still requires a lot of research and taking the odd risk! I had an absolute blast on this one. Thanks to the fine people at Simon & Schuster's Aladdin imprint for being amazing to work with, as usual.