Monday, March 22, 2010

Solace progress

Yesterday I worked up a thumbnail posted a bit earlier. I really tried not to overtighten and to maintain the value relationships...


click the thumb for a bigger size...

And I did up this thumbnail...another angle of the "Well" thumb - also posted earlier. Glad I experimented in the thumbnail stage for this one. If I'd gone ahead with my first thumb, I would have ended up with another passive compostion/boring angle. Funny how I'm such a passive observer in life and how that translates to how I compose least until I finally break the habit of framing a scene like I'm just documenting it.


Monday, March 15, 2010

Character Sketch

So this is a sketch for another character from my wife's novel-in-progress. I think this guy is going to take some further development before I really get to know the character. Inspiration so far is a rouge-ish young guy... a rebellious, anti establishment type who's also a bit of an inventor/ engineer. There's a bit of victorian and turn of the century wild west influence going into the costuming, and he rides a cool vintage motorbike, too. Speaking of the bike, this is a painted over design from a 3d model I blocked into the scene. I've changed the design a bit to resemble a modern made, but vintage styled bobber.


...I tweaked this later in the day and refreshed it.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Carry On...

Well this turned out a bit awkward all around, but whatever...I'm pretty much done with it. I dropped the overall saturation - except for on the bird to pop it out a bit. I also changed the lighting a bit to cast it up on the baggage and the dude's face more - those things both helped it out.


Saturday, March 6, 2010

More Thumbs and Progress...

Here's a couple colour thumbs from the last week. The one withthe tree shows how great these are for idea development, as I think it improves on the previous version in a few ways... more story, more interesting mood, more compelling.


This one came out of some interesting ref. I like the small hits of light.


and here's the progress on this one. It's just about there...


That's all for now. I hope to wrap the last one up this weekend, and I've got a few more pencil thumbnails that I'd like to throw colour on... just need to find the time.