Thursday, February 28, 2008

Street Wars

This has been a personal design project for me for the last year or so. I'm thinking of it as a very loose framework of an idea for a video game to just give me some direction and help design choices.
Inspiration for it is very eclectic and includes things like street fashion, the Blood Brothers (the song Streetwars/Exotic Foxholes and others on the Young Machetes album), weapons from around the late seventies to preset day, urban decay and whatever random things cross my mind...

I've been designing character classes in pairs of male and female. The idea is that it would be a co-op game something like Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance, where a dude can play with his wife or girlfriend, you get to upgrade your character with cool weapons and tactical stuff and your better half has fun dressing hers up in funky clothes.

It's been a really self indulgent project as far as design choices go, so it's not necessarily going to make sense or appeal to everyone...trying to do that is my day job.

Anyway, here's the latest characters. Some resistance characters inspired by the Black Panther party in the 60s, and a bit of the Blacksploitation movies from the 70s like Superfly.

and the characters I've done so far for some context.


  1. I really like those six and seventh images - I like the euro-comics effect better than some of the more opaque paints - it seems to fit the stylized characters. I really like that pale bloomed out light; reminds me gezstar (the artist, if you know his stuff) -

  2. Hey Marc, thanks...
    That's a really good observation... 6 and 7 were the first two I did, then I got a bit experimental I guess.I like the heavy bloom, washed out lookfor these more, it fits the coloured linework style better. I like Gez Fry's stuff alot, he does that kinda thing really well and has a great design sense.

  3. I simply love that girl with the nade in the 4th image. But overall all the characters are great, and it would be a fun game i-d like to play!

  4. Dude, all these are so dope!
    Each has their own 'thing' going and are well executed...nice.