Monday, May 20, 2013

Some New Covers

Haven't had a chance to update this thing in a while... between personal work and freelance somethings gotta give.

Here are two sequel covers for the series I've been doing for Simon and Schuster's Alladin imprint, Dead City and Hollow Earth.

These were really great projects, coming back to something I'd done previously and being able to build on what I'd established for the look already but being able to make the images of their own as well. As usual the publisher was awesome to work with and I had a lot of freedom to run with ideas on these.

Dead City: Blue Moon

Hollow Earth: The Bone Quill


  1. Love these Nigel! Really cool to see your YA cover career doing so healthy. Love how dynamic you are able to keep these. Hope all is good dude-S

  2. Nice work man, The sea and sky glow is insanely good on the Hollow Earth piece, just an awesome cover overall. Great jooooob!