Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hollow Earth

I'm happy to post my latest cover for Simon & Schuster, a full wraparound for the novel Hollow Earth, by John and Carol E. Barrowman.

The book is about the adventures of two twins who possess the ability to draw things from their imagination into life. It was a really inspiring concept that provided plenty of opportunities for great visuals and was a really fun read.

It was really nice to have quite a bit of creative input on this cover and I always love working with wraparound compositions. The long aspect ratio is so great for storytelling and I love the challenge of crafting an image that holds up on it's own yet still acts as a strong foundation for the jacket design.

Jessica Handelmann at S&S was so great to work with and designed an excellent jacket with a very elegant and modern feel. A big thank you goes out to her and all the good people at Simon and Schuster.


  1. hey man -left a comment on CGhub, but wanted to reiterate how badass this cover is.Congrats!

  2. Thanks again, Scott! Talk soon, man...

  3. very nice old buddy.

    Gotta love a winged stag, 'specially when it is a spectre.


  4. Lovely cover!

    I'd already thought about using the front cover image as I practice woodcarving (I'm very much a beginner but I would like to make a relief carving of some of these things some day) and was looking for a fairly large version to use as a pattern.
    Now that I've found who designed it, what would you say about me trying to carve the whole thing... and offering the result to the Barrowmans as a gift, assuming I ever got that good? ;)