Friday, March 12, 2010

Carry On...

Well this turned out a bit awkward all around, but whatever...I'm pretty much done with it. I dropped the overall saturation - except for on the bird to pop it out a bit. I also changed the lighting a bit to cast it up on the baggage and the dude's face more - those things both helped it out.



  1. i like it dude.....i think it's an interesting piece of imagery and it would definitely make me pause and be all "whoa -what's this all about eh? "

    oh - and thanks for popping in on the livestream...I was really nervous!

  2. Thanks Scott, much appreciated. By the time I was done I thought it was all just a bit random and self indulgent, and had some awkward compositional elements on top of that... but to know it's suggesting some story and interest is awesome!