Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wereworld Cover



Here’s my latest book cover for the North American hardcover release of “Wereworld”, an awesome novel written by Curtis Jobling and published by Viking Press. I’ve been anxious to post this for a while and since it’s now available on Amazon and cropping up here and there, I thought I’d put it up!

I really enjoyed the creative process on this, particularly since the Art Director wanted to develop a new look for the North American release. He wanted something more graphic and atmospheric. I also really enjoyed the wide composition the wraparound allowed for and there’s few things I enjoy painting more than a dark, foggy forest with a shadowy mythic creature and a hero thrown in for good measure!

The book will be on shelves in September and I enjoyed it cover to cover. Plenty of action, a richly detailed world, interesting characters and a story that hooked me from the beginning!

* Edit, August 10th, 2011 - Well, it looks like this won't be the published cover for the NA release of Wereworld after all. The AD let me know the publisher went with a different approach for the cover. This was still a great experience and the AD was happy with my work, so that's good...I'm just a bit disappointed that my work won't be out there on the shelves.